Drawings finished and not

If you know anything about my work or background it is that history and has had a large hand in shaping what I paint. As a young boy I started playing army and drawing soldiers, then years later becoming an illustrator who specialized in those same subjects.It shouldn't be a surprise since my dad was a soldier that any drawings would gravitate that direction.

Drawing is the heart of any good idea and picture. Translating that idea from your head to paper then working through all of the possibilities is how every picture begins.

In my sketchbook there are lots of notes on what I was thinking at the time. You might find some color or light that strikes you but over time that memory can fade, making notes will help allow those thoughts from completely evaporating. The drawings of night was something I saw traveling and then later changed the location and subject to Apache Indian's moving through the desert.



The printer packed some prints with paper that looked interesting and I tried out a charcoal drawing on it. Turned out the paper wasn't really very good for drawing on but a nice exercise. Free stuff laying around like cardboard or packing paper can work as supports for pictures, never turn your nose up to stuff like that. Experimenting can lead to new discoveries and looks you may not have considered.

369th soldier sketchweb.jpg

Not every picture needs to be a painting sometimes just a pencil drawing is enough because color will not improve the picture. The completed drawing of my friend Joe Ranoia is an example of that.

Big Joeweb.jpg

4th Mar, 2018