EANGUS Hurricane Relief

Preliminary sketches for EANGUS of the Hurricane relief work done by the Army and Air National Guard. The picture is to show how the enlisted Air and Army work together in large operations. Combat is obviously one type but this picture is about the humanitarian side of the Guard and its ability to do big things well. The Guard are made up of soldiers who are employed full time outside of the military and at times can be a difficult balance between the two. A disaster could strike Texas one month then Florida or New York next, in every case its men and women from across the country coming to the aid of their fellow citizens.

The picture isn't intended to be place specific and should have the feel of any of the recent natural disasters. Lots of interservice action takes place there. I like the idea of equipment arriving along with soldiers and supplies. Lots of ideas to pick from and one these two sketches will form the basis of the final painting.

EANGUS sketch 1.jpg

EANGUS sketch 2.jpg

26th Apr, 2018