GI Joe convention Chattanooga TN

I will be one of the Special Guests at the last national GI Joe convention in Chattanooga TN. Its sad to see these end and they have been a lot of fun over the years. I've met and made many friends attending these shows. The venues changed every year and it was also just a great traveling experience to go and see new places that probably would never have happened.

When I started working on the line back in the 90's it was hard to imagine all of the different assignments, people you would engage along the way and effect some of your art work would have. In a few days I'll post a much deeper introspective of the work, people and experiences.

Here are two links for the show, if you are around Chattanooga June 23,24,25 please come by and see what its been about for over 25 years.

13th Jun, 2018