Sky Soldiers painting and print signing

The completed painting titled Sky Soldiers, the 1/7th at LZ X-Ray. The picture was finished a few months ago and reproductions made. For the past two weeks veterans have been signing the prints which will be available very soon. There will only be 65 prints and have the signature of two Medal of Honor recipients Joe Marm and Bruce Crandall along with three Company commanders John Herren, Tony Nadal and Bob Edwards, Assistant Machine Gunner Bill Beck, B flight Huey pilot Dick Cline and UPI reporter/photographer Joe Galloway who covered and participated in the battle.

Sky Soldiers cropped.jpg

Medal of Honor Recipient Joe Marm

Joe Marm2cropped.jpg

Colonel, John Herren

John Herren cropped.jpg

Colonel Tony Nadal

Tony Nadal cropped.jpg

Colonel Bob Edwards

Bob Edwards croped.jpg

SPC 4 Bill Beck

Bill Beck.jpg

Colonel Dick Cline

Dick Cline cropped.jpg

Joe Galloway ( Right) UPI reporter and civilian combatant.

Joe Galloway and me.jpg

25th Mar, 2018