The Quiet Lane

Nocturnal painting of the George Weikert farm in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Its been a while since there was a new landscape added to the portfolio, needed to do something for the gallery in Gettysburg. I'm pretty happy how it turned out and look forward to doing a couple more if time allows. Its better to work through a series of night pictures than jump around, at least for me its better.

This one was a bit of a struggle early because night pictures require a different set of painting skills. The reference shot in daytime will need to be adjusted some and then the mental part of what night looks like will have to fill in the rest. Pictures like this show the importance of notes and just looking without actually doing anything. That may seem easy but standing outside at night and just looking is something somewhat foreign to us now. We are wired to move or be constantly consuming information at a much faster pace, that isn't going to work with well if you want to become proficient at any part of painting. Making notes and observing may sound and be old fashioned but there are no short cuts to it.

This will be up on the web site in a few days or at the Gettysburg Frame Shop soon, if you are in town and interested in purchasing it.

The Quiet Lane.jpg

8th Jul, 2018