Yankee 26 additional sketches

Took some time this weekend to do a couple of alternative ideas for Yankee 26, the CH-47 roof landing in Afghanistan by the Pennsylvania National Guard. The first idea was drawn quickly and now with some time to think it through these two new drawings may be part of the dialog with the client.

First drawing shows the helicopter from below and its a nice angle but a little far from the viewer at least at this stage.

Yankee 26.jpg

Second version from a different side of the helicopter. a little higher angle with some nice angles in the landscape.

Yankee 26 Cweb.jpg

Third drawing from a completely different angle. I like this one but it might not work with the client. the soldiers are loading prisoners into the helicopter.

Yankee 26 BWeb.jpg

These drawings all have good composition points and some areas that will need improving to bring this up to what a good picture should be. New reference of the CH-47 will help along with building a small replica of the buildings.

11th Mar, 2018